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God’s Love: Knowing, Growing, Showing

Mesa Palms Seventh-day Adventist Church Interim Pastor Ralph Robertson

Pastor Vince Woolsey

Meet Pastor Vince Woolsey

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new pastor and his family!  For those who are curious, Pastor Woolsey was born and raised in the Midwest, transitioning from a career in sales to follow God’s call to Literature Evangelism (Colporteur). It was during that time that God led Vince to pursue a degree in Theology from SWAU.








Mesa Palms Church Secretary: Alice Ray

Mrs. Alice Ray

Alice has been a most wonderful addition to our church, as she is not only a very warm, welcoming and dedicated church secretary, but she’s also a very talented writer and author of many Christian books!  She also occasionally writes up articles and shares them via social media for all to enjoy.

Adult Sabbath School Classrooms

Fellowship Hall Classroom

This classroom is taught by Don Jaqua and Randy Brower and is located, as the name suggests, in the Fellowship Hall!  This classroom utilizes an open, circular format and highly encourages all of their members to actively participate in the study of the Bible.

Allen Morehouse (and Assistants)

Located at the end of the right hallway, you will discover Allen Morehouse’s in-depth Bible study classroom.  Allen has a large team (five co-instructors) that help to keep the classroom fun, interesting and Bible-focused, as they study the weekly Quarterly Sabbath School lesson.

Sanctuary Classroom

In the front, right-side of the church, you will find the Sanctuary Sabbath School classroom.  This class has a variety of teachers and utilizes a more traditional lecture format.  Yet, active discussion is very much encouraged, as they study the weekly Quarterly Sabbath School lesson.

Mesa Palms Church Elders and DeaconsMesa Palms Church Elders and Deacons

At Mesa Palms, we are very thankful to have such a talented and dedicated group of elders, deacons, deaconesses and other staff members.  Their efforts and contributions to our church have helped to shape it into the wonderful, God-focused, worship experience that it is.  The photo below shows some of the church’s current administration.

Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses
Meet Our GreetersMeet Our Greeters

Vivian Lehr, Head Greeter

Vivian is our Head Greeter and she is a cheerful type of person that easily brightens up any room that she enters!  We know that she would love to welcome you to Mesa Palms and answer any questions that you might have about the various services we offer.

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